What makes The Guilt Trip special?

What makes The Guilt Trip special?
  • November 13th, 2013
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What is The Guilt Trip?

Indian food, with its exotic variety of spices and intricate cooking methods, deserves to be elevated! Simmered in 8000 years of history and influence from several countries and regions around the world, Indian cuisine is elegant, refined, and delicious, and our mission is to showcase all of that to the world!

To take it beyond the stereotypes of curries and rice, and all-you-can-eat buffets. To make it the way our mom and grandma used to make it at home: authentic, made the hard way, with lots of labor and passion; and oftentimes quirky, experimenting with spices and flavors from other cuisines, to create a fusion of incredible tastes. And always made with lots of care and love.

This means most of our food is freshly made to order, just like at home. With the same care and love that we would serve our guests at home. Our pantry looks just like your home’s. We grind our own spices, we stay away from unhealthy additives, colorings, and preservatives. We use halal meat, and where possible, we procure organic ingredients. And we do not microwave anything!

We guarantee you’d love our food if you appreciate quality, freshness, authenticity, and boldness and novelty in flavors. Indian cuisine cannot be contained or defined by any absolute terms. Here’s our celebration of it, come and share it with us!

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